Crown of Glory Mission

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HIV Testing Services


Crown of Glory Mission is a ministry with a community based program responsible for testing clients to know their HIV Status and be linked to Healthcare Facilities for continuum of care.  We also do screening and testing of Covid-19, food distribution and poverty alleviation.


Mass Mobilization: We do responsible condom distribution to our key populations viz; The youth, Commercial sex workers, taxi ranks, Lgbtiq, informal settlements, hostels, etc.


Pick up Point & Home Tracing

We are a Pick up Point  Centre whereby the  chronically ill patients fetch their treatment from our facility on monthly basis for continuum of care. 

We also do Home Tracing whereby treatment defaulters are traced and brought back to the healthcare system. We hold health talks and dialogue in partnership with our social partners. We serviceTvet Colleges, High Schools and communities in hard to reach areas.

Community Based Organization

Crown of Glory Mission.


I am the founder and General Overseer of Crown of Glory Mission.  I have an Apostolic Prophetic anointing  My background is Business Process Reengineering,  Public Relations,  Training,  Labour Relations,  Project Management, Leadership and Pastoring 

I am a people oriented,  hard working visionary. We are a hardworking team interested  in the welfare of our public domain. We always run an extra mile to bring a good service to our communities. Our slogan is ' Motho ke Motho ka Batho ' meaning,  One hand washes the other.

We work from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday-Friday excluding Public Holidays.

To God only wise be the glory.


I am a home to the destitute and those who are in distress.  I have a capacity  to store all the Equipments and Material  of the Hts and Covid-19 Programmes.

I am a home to the hardworking 6 Lay Counsellors,  2 Peer Educators,  2 Coordinators,  5 Decanting Facilitators,  9 Home Tracing Facilitators, 1 Linkage Officer, 1 Admistrator, 1 Driver,  1 Programme Facilitator and 1 Programmes Director.  

We also have an active Board of 6 dedicated members. You can contact us on the details below and plant a seed to assist this mammoth task we have. One can donate money, Equipment, material,  cars, office furniture  etc.


Headquarters of Crown of Glory Mission in South Africa Email: Cell: +27 73 156 9694 Bank Name: Standard Bank. Account Holder: Crown of Glory Mission. Account Number: 02 089 150 4 Type of Acc: Cheque. Branch Code: 051 001 International Code: SBAJJ. Branch: Johannesburg