Crown of Glory Mission

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Hiv & Coronavirus Programme

We care about your welfare and together we can conquer.

Service 1

We offer a Hiv Testing Service to all communities, irrespective of race, colour or creed. We also do pre and post counseling. We link our clients to healthcare facilities for continuum of care. 

Service 2

We also do Condom Distribution to our priority clients such as Commercial Sex Workers,  LGBTQI, Trucking, Men having sex with men.

Hotspots like Informal Settlements, Taxi Ranks, Hostels, Taverns, Tvet Colleges and High Schools. We also do Hostels and Industries with our social partners like The Aurum Institute and Aids Unit respectively  

Our Peer Educators do Health Talk, hold Dialogues and Sex Education with all and sundry We distribute Health Department's pamphlets for impartation of knowledge to our clients. 

Service 3

We have three pick-up points whereby Chronic Clients fetch their regimen on monthly basis. We also have fastlanes at two clinics whereby other chronic people prefer to collect their treatment at the clinics. 

We have a Batho Pele Box at the Polyclinic whereby mostly the employed clients could collect their treatment at a suitable time.

We have a team of home and telephone tracers who jointly trace clients that are non compliant back to the Healthcare Facility. We are a Community Based Organization derived from a church background- Crown of Glory Mission ( The Apostolic Intercessory Prophetic and Healing Ministry )



We do Covid-19 screening and referrals to healthcare facilities. We also distribute Personal Protective Equipments with the guidance of Redisa and DGMT Consulting Group to Community Care Workers at large.